Increase Your Income by Advertising With Facebook

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Increase Your Income by Advertising With Facebook

Facebook Advertising

You can set up highly targeted Facebook advertisements, paying only whenever someone clicks on your link.(  CPC or Cost Per Click )

Facebook provides powerful flexibility and customization options to advertisers, making it very easy for you to penetrate your niche market, while displaying your ads only to those who are genuinely interested in the type of product or services you offer.

One of the most attractive aspects of advertising on Facebook, apart from the sheer exposure that your ads will receive, is that Facebook allows you to customize your Facebook ads so that they become visible only to potential customers based on gender, age, or even location.

By taking advantage of the advertising platforms flexibility, you can tailor your advertisements based on the segment of your market that you feel would be most responsive to your advertisements.

Facebook helps you target your advertisements based on the information contained within a users profile fields. For example, Facebook members can customize their profile to include their interests, hobbies and even their area of employment.

When you create your Facebook advertisements, you can choose to display your ads only to those with profile information that match what your ad is about.

You can also generate exposure just from your personal Facebook account by developing a following base of people interested in your niche market. You can import contacts from your email account, or from other social media communities that you are a part of.


One thing to keep in mind is when building your marketing campaigns for social media networks, you always want to direct potential customers to a squeeze page, rather than to a money page. More on this in future articles.

This way, you can build a massive email list, capturing leads, and minimizing lost profits, since it’s unlikely that everyone visiting your website would purchase on their first visit.

Social networking requires that you take an aggressive approach to becoming an active participant within the networks.

People want to read your updates, stay up to date with what’s going on in your business life, and the more interactive you are with your target audience, the easier it will be to build a brand and solidify your place in some of the Internet’s most profitable niches



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