Increase Your Income using Facebook

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Increase Your Income using Facebook

With Facebook, you can increase your income,  promote your business,  and enhance your Brand several different ways, including:

1) Building a Fan Page

2) Creating a Business Profile

3) Setting Up Facebook Advertisements

Fan pages are designed to help you interact with your target audience, giving you the opportunity to design community pages or ‘portals’ around your business. Those visiting your fan page can choose to “like” it, and when they do, they become a part of your community. This will also help enhance your Brand and increase your income.

Every “fan” is then added to your network and you can post direct broadcasts to your entire group! The more fans you have in your network, the better chance you will have to increase your income.

The power of a well constructed, targeted fan page is unmatched and since Facebook carries incredible weight within the major search engines, creating fan pages is also a very easy method of getting quickly indexed and generating organic traffic to both your fan page, and other money pages and even personal blogs and websites.

Fan pages are quickly indexed within the search engines, and if you want to generate targeted traffic to your fan page, you’ll want to make sure that you implement common keywords used by those searching for information on your topic.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using Wordtracker, a free tool (with an upgrade option) available at

This will enable you to quickly determine exactly how many searches are taking place each month for specific keywords.

To begin, you will need to create a Facebook account if you haven’t already.

Each fan page can be linked from your main Facebook account, but is also considered an individual page with its own features, plugins and applications.

This means that you can create as many different fan pages as you wish, with each one focusing on a specific niche market.  This makes it easy to span your coverage across multiple markets without having to create a new Facebook account each time you develop a new page.

If you already have a Facebook account, go ahead and log in.  Then, scroll down until you see the “Advertising” tab. Click that to get started. (Subsequently, you can just enter the following URL into your browser: )

You will also have to choose a category for your page from the drop down menu.

This is very important so don’t rush through it!

You want to make sure that you properly categorize your fan page for maximum exposure.  A mis-categorized fan page will make it harder for potential customers to find you.

Thanks for your interest and I hope this will help you increase your income using Facebook.


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