Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page for Greater Visibility

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Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page for Greater Visibility

Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive

The more interactive you can make your fan page, the better. People need to be given a clear benefit of joining your fan page, especially as more and more marketers in your niche market begin to develop fan pages as well.

How do you make your Facebook fan page more interactive, you ask?

  • Customizing your Facebook welcome page will give you a nicer transition to your Facebook fan page.
  • Asking questions in your post will double the amount of comments.
  • Offer specials and discounts to your Facebook fans.
  • Run contest on your Facebook fan page. This is a great way of getting your FB fans to want more.

You also need to make sure to give your fan page a distinct title, that incorporates your keywords. You want people visiting your fan page to be aware of exactly what you are offering, so include the most important keywords relating to your market.

Your fan page should also have a photo that represents what your page is all about.

If you are struggling for image ideas, visit the popular stock image directories online and enter in your niche market’s keyword. You’ll quickly find thousands of potential images to use.

Here are the top stock image sites that I personally use:




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Hosting says:

I believe invite friends is also a good option for getting fans. Like I had 200 friends and 80 of them liked my page where I asked my friend also to invite his friends and we got 400 likes from his group. In an average we have more than 10000 page views per months.

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