Increase Your Income With Facebook using Videos and Product Offers Increase Your Income using Videos on Your Facebook Fan Page  Videos are a common component in building popular Facebook fan pages and there’s a good reason for this. Videos interact and connect with your target audience in a way that traditional print simply can’t. You can link directly to YouTube videos, or integrate video content into your Fan Page by using video based plugins. Note: There are hundreds of applications available to you that will help to enhance your Fan page. You can browse through free applications at Increase [More]
Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page for Greater Visibility Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive The more interactive you can make your fan page, the better. People need to be given a clear benefit of joining your fan page, especially as more and more marketers in your niche market begin to develop fan pages as well. How do you make your Facebook fan page more interactive, you ask? Customizing your Facebook welcome page will give you a nicer transition to your Facebook fan page. Asking questions in your post will double the amount of comments. Offer specials and discounts to your [More]
Increase Your Income using Facebook With Facebook, you can increase your income,  promote your business,  and enhance your Brand several different ways, including: 1) Building a Fan Page 2) Creating a Business Profile 3) Setting Up Facebook Advertisements Fan pages are designed to help you interact with your target audience, giving you the opportunity to design community pages or ‘portals’ around your business. Those visiting your fan page can choose to “like” it, and when they do, they become a part of your community. This will also help enhance your Brand and increase your income. Every “fan” is then added to [More]